Damp Carpet Concerns


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The increased precipitation and cold weather often showcases a houses weakpoints.

If your carpets are damp or wet, there could be an issue that needs immediate attention!

Some common reasons your carpet may be damp:

  • Leak in attic/roof making its way down to floor level
  • Plumbing fixture or drain pipes leaking
  • Slab/basement seepage
  • Window seals or sills need attention

When less than a week has passed, OxyMagic of SEPA has actually been called in to apply our green carpet cleaner to the affected area!

Whether your carpet got wet, the kids spilled a drink, or your pet had an accident in the house – before you replace your entire carpet, call us at 610-268-3168 or 302-685-7391 to see if we can save you thousands of dollars over a new carpet!