January 2021 Carpet Cleaning PA NJ DE

Hello and thank you for visiting our website! We are a locally owned Carpet and Upholstery cleaning company serving Delaware, South New Jersey, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Did spending the holiday season in your home make you realize just how long it’s been since you’ve had your carpet professionally cleaned? Or have you realized that your carpets have NEVER been professionally cleaned?

Our competitively priced service will allow you to start 2021 by leaving behind the all the dirt and germs from 2020.


Throughout the lifetime of your carpet, the fibers are subjected to the day to day under-foot grind of typical household spills, dirt, children, pets and after a while it can all take its toll. Oxymagic carpet cleaners provide excellent carpet cleaning services. Oxymagic NaturesWay is our safer way to clean.

With the Oxymagic system, average dry time is reduced to under 90 minutes, which eliminates the chance for old stains to return and for mold and mildew to form.


Our Oxymagic cleaner is converted into a shampoo. This allows us to deep clean any fabric including leather and suede. The shampoo avoids excess water and will not shrink fabrics. Dry time is reduced to about one hour!