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Our gentle, yet highly effective process has shown amazing results on area rugs, oriental carpets, hardwood floors, and tile.

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What is an Oriental Rug?

According to Angie’sList.com, the term “Oriental rug” refers to a wide range of floor coverings. This term is broadly used to refer to rugs that are made in Asian countries. The most prolific rug-making countries include Iran, Turkey, China and India. You also will see references to Caucasian rugs; this refers to rugs made in the Caucasus Mountains, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. More recently, Southeast Asian countries, notably Vietnam, have begun creating Oriental rugs for export.

Oriental rugs are constructed by hand and made of wool, cotton or silk. Their often delicate construction last generations when well taken care of.

Our machines use bristles constructed in a way that leaves us confident in tackling any cleaning job you have. To get more information contact us today. We can tell you the exact price you will pay before we show up to your carpet cleaning appointment!