Trolley Square, Rockland Park, Greenville DE Carpet Cleaning

Hello! Do you live in zip code 19806 or 19807 or close by? We are in New Castle County every day of the week!

If you are in need of carpet or upholstery cleaning, we would love to be considered for the job.

We can provide you with a firm estimate that will not change or have surprise fees when we show up.

For many years, customers thought the only way to get their carpets clean was to use a steam cleaner – which resulted in carpet that stayed wet for days & sometimes smelled liked mold & mildew even a week later.

Then OXYMAGIC revolutionized carpet cleaning! We use a safer cleaner we developed for EXCLUSIVE use only by our licensed operators.

Combine our cleaner and unique carpet cleaning machine that actually LIFTS the dirt out of the carpet, and you have a method that customers love!

Call us at 302-685-7391 to get more information. If you wish, send a message to use using this form.