Marlton NJ Carpet Cleaning Company

Do you live in or close to Marlton New Jersey? We can help!

We are a locally owned carpet and hardwood cleaning company serving the DE, PA, and NJ area!

From smaller homes that need three rooms cleaned, to large offices that require their own campus, OxyMagic of SEPA has served the local area for years with high customer satisfaction. We strive to be the first mentioned in a conversation when fast, effective cleaning is required.

Unlike other carpet cleaning services, Oxymagic uses non toxic cleaners, making it safer for children and pets. Our process is also odorless, making it the first choice among those with sensitivity to certain scents.

We do NOT push water into your carpet and then hope to suck it back up.  We do not use a machine that swirls a towel over the surface of your carpet, ruining the fiber strands.

Oxymagic uses a low moisture, oxygen based cleaning system.  While the drying time relies on several factors, such as humidity, airflow, and the carpet itself, the carpet will typically be dry within just an hour or two!

Our process works on Carpets, Hardwood, Tile, Rugs, Furniture and Linoleum.