New Castle County Delaware Commercial Carpet + Hardwood Cleaning

New Castle County is one of the historical places in Delaware. If you are residing or have commercial sites in zip code 19702, we would love the opportunity to provide a free estimate for carpet and hardwood floor cleaning.

While you wait for us to show up, here are some quick things you can to in the meantime:

Vacuum or sweep

Whether your floor is made of bamboo, oak, pine, or other wood, the cleaning method remains mostly the same. The first thing is to do is removing the debris or dust from the wood that can dull the surface. Sweeping or vacuuming the hardwood floors is the best way to keep the brightness and natural state of the hardwood. 

Mop the floor

If you use the hardwood floor heavily, it should be cleaned regularly. At least cleaning is necessary once a week or once a fortnight. Cleaning the hardwood using a flat mop is the best way to remove the substances that makes the hardwood floor dull.

Revitalize hardwood floor

Along with cleaning the hardwood, you must pay attention to taking care of dullness and scratches. You can use liquid scratch concealers that match the color of your floor. Once they dry, it increases the brightness of the floor. While performing this task, make sure to use sandpaper and later apply concealers.