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OxyMagic Leaves Carpets Dry In Two Hours

  OxyMagic uses products that clean a wide spectrum of contaminants

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A Safer Way To Clean

As America’s top carpet cleaning franchise, we are changing the industry one customer at a time

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About Oxy Magic Cleaning

For many years, customers thought the only way to get their carpets clean was to use a steam cleaner – which resulted in carpet that stayed wet for days & sometimes smelled liked mold & mildew even a week later.

Then OXYMAGIC revolutionized carpet cleaning! We use a safer cleaner we developed for EXCLUSIVE use only by our licensed operators.

Combine our cleaner and unique carpet cleaning machine that actually LIFTS the dirt out of the carpet, and you have a method that customers love!


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Throughout the lifetime of your carpet, the fibers are subjected to the day to day under-foot grind of typical household spills, dirt, children, pets and after a while it can take its toll.

We have developed a process that we, along with our happy customers, feel is superior to alternative cleaning methods.

When you steam clean your carpet, you saturate it with an excessive amount of water filled with soaps and detergents. This results in carpets that remain wet for 1-2 days and create a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria if not done perfectly.

How It Works

Our process is quite different. Instead of soaking your carpets with water like a carpet steam cleaner, our process employs millions of microscopic bubbles to bring dirt up from deep in your carpet fibers, so we only need to use a fraction of the water that a typical steam carpet cleaner uses. We also use a natural carpet cleaner instead of a cleaner with heavy soaps and detergents. After the carbonation releases and lifts the dirt, our high powered equipment extracts the dirt and moisture from the carpet.

Our carpet cleaning machines have two, counter rotating brushes designed to reach deep into carpet pile, capture the encapsulated debris, lifting it up and whisk it out of the carpet. The brushes also help restore the appearance of carpet which has been flattened in high use and high traffic areas.

Unlike other carpet cleaning services, Oxymagic uses non toxic cleaners, making it safer for children and pets. Our process is also odorless, making it the first choice among those with sensitivity to certain scents.

We do NOT push water into your carpet and then hope to suck it back up.  We do not use a machine that swirls a towel over the surface of your carpet, ruining the fiber strands.

Oxymagic uses a low moisture, oxygen based cleaning system.  While the drying time relies on several factors, such as humidity, airflow, and the carpet itself, the carpet will typically be dry within just an hour or two!

Our process works on Carpets, Hardwood, Tile, Rugs, Furniture and Linoleum.